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Can't Cancel my Colors!

Wow. I honestly don't know where to start. March in general has been a rough month with a lot happening in my family, work, and life. Add the outbreak and cancellation of my first ever solo show and, man, I have been feeling so many things. Obviously putting my show on hold was the smartest and best choice for everyone, but it doesn't mean that it doesn't sting. I worked really hard for sixth months and it's all been taken away for the foreseeable future. I do have faith that the show will be rescheduled; however, no telling how long that will be. Of course I will keep you posted though! In the mean time I'm going to eat my fancy rainbow birthday cake and keep creating! Nothing can cancel my colors!

Speaking of colors, I'm sharing my SPECTRUM playlist with you all. It's arranged in mostly color order and is a pretty eclectic mix. I love every single one of these song and have been creating to this playlist most of 2020.

I've been playing around with colorful paper and gouache and brainstorming my next 100 Day Project. What have you been working on to stay sane in this odd time?

Spotify SPECTRUM Playlist
100 Day Project
That Cake!

Stay Safe, Stay Bright!



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