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Floral Cheer

Creating floral arrangements over these last twenty days has brought me so much joy. It has provided a sense of purpose to each day in these strange times. I hope they bring some amount of joy to you each day as well. The last ten days have all been in pastel chalk and they are all available in my shop now!

I'm going to continue adding to the donation to the Greater Chicago Food Depository through Mother's Day from any Floral Arrangements sale in my shop. HUGE shout out to everyone who purchased a floral collage of mine through Fulton Street Collective's Art For Our Heart program - $175 was donated from my 7 pieces with a total of $400 going to GCFD from FSC! I look forward to being able to donate more! And, speaking of Mother's Day, I am ALSO offering a code from now until May 2nd for 20% off using code MOTHERSDAY20 for that special lady in your life. If you are shipping it straight to your mom/mother figure and want to add a note to her simply add a note to me at checkout and I'll add it to your order! The next ten days will be gouache on white water color paper. I already have several inspiration photos lined up and I am excited to get started using a different medium! Stay tuned because those will be hitting the shop in the next 10 or so days. Stay up to date on all things Floral Arrangements through my Instagram

posts and stories each day! Wishing you happiness and wellness! XOXO Dail

My studio assistant these days says hello :)

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