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Florals for Food

Hello!! If you follow along on Instagram you know I've started my second round of The 100 Day Project. This time around I am focusing on florals. Every ten days I will switch materials. The first ten days were floral collages, which are available now in my new online shop!! I will be donating 20% of the proceeds to the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

If you're looking for a more affordable option of floral collages, the first few I made before I officially started the 100 Day Project are available with Fulton Street Collective's Art For Our Heart program. The remaining collages are $25 each with 100% of the proceeds going to the Greater Chicago Food Depository. There are also several paintings available from six other artists at FSC!

I haven't been working on as many paintings these last few weeks as most of my time in the studio has been set up, but I'm almost finished so paintings can start again soon! I did find a flat file for a great deal and am so happy to have it in my space! I've added more pillows and some fun little nooks in the new space that make me really happy. I'm thankful for this space and the time I have to work in it. It's what has mostly kept me going these last 5 weeks with my solo show being cancelled, The Other Art Fair being postponed, and navigating e-learning with all of my colleagues and students. They keep me going too. I had a student "show up" to class with his robe hood up and sunglasses - it has kept putting a smile on my face this whole week. I appreciate him so much for still being able to show his goofy personality through all this!

I hope you all are finding moments of joy and peace through these unprecedented times!

Wishing the best to you and yours,



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