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Happy August!

Hello! Happy August! There is something I have always loved about this transition month. The transition from the end of summer to the beginning of fall, from summer break to preparing for the new school year. It's an optimistic time for me, full of hope and new ideas. This year is trending a little differently with preparing for a new school year; however, we did find out we will be teaching remote for the 1st quarter and then reassessing so I can start planning for how I want my home "classroom" to look and the types of lessons that will work best for my kiddos through e-learning. I have a lot of ideas that have come from my summer readings in both "Teaching For Black Lives" and "The Guide For White Women Who Teach Black Boys". I'm still working on the second book, but have a goal to finish it by next Friday, my last official day of summer break. I also gained a lot of new ideas from The Art Of Education's NOW Conference (virtual) this past week. Check me out in my studio with my teacher hat on:

I was originally a little bummed to moved back to the older, smaller studio, but I believe things happen for a reason and honestly, this is the best set-up I've ever had in there. The flat file fits perfectly and Chris helped me install the pegboard wall which has been a game changer!

I spent most of July focusing on the direction of my work. I'm excited about where it is heading and for the more consistent style. Thank you to everyone who purchased one of my older pieces to help me clear some space for new works! I truly appreciate the support and the space. I will leave the floral pieces up on the website for the time being if you would like one. I also have works available for anyone interested in a highlighted story on my Instagram. All of the paper pieces and jean jackets will stay put in the studio and remain untouched; however, older works on canvas and wood panels will start to get gessoed over this month.

Commissions are up and running! Thank you to those of you who have trusted me to create a work specifically for you. My mom actually just commissioned me yesterday too for 4 pieces to go in their guest room. I'm excited to get started on them!

Speaking of my parents, I went to visit them yesterday and we had a lovely time. I hadn't seen them since around Christmas. I usually would have seen them for my birthday but that's when COVID shut the US down and things weren't any better around my mom's birthday, Mother's or Father's Day. Chicago was a hot spot and my parents county still only has 10 positive cases since the start of this so I have been very wary of going to physically see them. It was amazingly green and quiet there. It always astonishes me that that's where I grew up. I wish I could have stayed for the sunset. My dad always has epic sunset photos, but we had to leave. At least I caught a good one in Palmer Square for Chris and I's Friday night park dinners the other day!

That's about it for the updates; except, I have a new Spotify playlist up and running for August that I will be listening to in between having Hamilton on in the background! This playlist is a little extra special because it has Chris's (Fuwl) first EP release as a solo artist on it!

Have a great August! We have 151 days of 2020 left, let's use them wisely (and safely)!



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