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Happy Halloween!

I have always loved Halloween and getting dressed up in costume. In the last few years I have been Tina Belcher, Frida Kahlo, Wednesday Addams, Richard Simmons, a deer, the puking rainbow unicorn Snapchat filter, and a Dunkin' Donut. It feels weird not getting dressed up this year so I put on my dinosaur onesie on Wednesday to teach my classes haha. The kids got a kick out of it. I might have to but on my black sweatshirt dress and black leggings, put my hair into two braids and bust out the black lipstick to be a stay-at-home Wednesday Addams today.

October has brought me a new position as Members Coordinator at Fulton Street Collective. It's been a fun little position so far (and no, I haven't quit teaching - this is a part time gig). I am curating my first member's show on November 13th, 2020. The show is titled "Divine Femininity" and came to life after reading an article from Vice titled "How the Patriarchy Stole Friday the 13th from Women and Made it Evil." The pieces in the show will invite viewers to discover the Divine Feminine that lives in us all as well as honoring the cycles of creation, death, and rebirth. It will be a socially distanced show, with reserved (free) tickets to ensure only 20 people in the gallery at a time. Some of the artists will even be in their studios which are located in the room next to the gallery if you want to meet them. You can reserve your tickets here.

I've also spent some time in October going through my Creative Money course from Allison James. She had added a few new little helpful bits in there from when I first took it back in January. What better time to revisit and learn a few new things than a full 2 week quarantine after a wedding! She's relaunching it soon with even more goodies if you're interested in checking it out. You can use the code "DAIL" to get 10% off. Early enrollment has already started and the course opens up again November 9th (and she has payment plans). I have loved everything in this course and am promoting it because of how much it helped me. Feel free to email me with any questions about it!

Other than that I've been Zooming in with my 3rd-5th graders and grading some very cool self-portraits and artist statements. It's weird to not see the process of them creating like I normally would in in-person class, but the results are still blowing me away.

Oh, and here is my October playlist. Better than late than never! It's really been getting me through this month!



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