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New Work Coming Soon!

Hello Everyone!

I will be adding 12 new larger works to my website on February 24th at noon CST! All the pieces are between 20" x 20" and 22" x 28", which is pretty big for me! Towards the end of 2020 I started working on a larger scale and I'm so excited to share these pieces with you all! In the future, I am hoping to release collections on a more routine schedule (and on an even larger scale), but for now I hope you enjoy my pieces from the second half of 2020. Here's a little preview:

Don't forget I'm also available for commissions. Here are some behind the scenes of my latest commission piece. I really enjoyed working with Sarah on this piece! You can learn more about commissions here or email me :)

February Updates:

CAC Healing Hearts Campaign invited me to create a design for their fundraiser. The big "puffy" heart was the first one I created and I've been chipping away at the medium and small ones these last few weeks too! If you would like to learn more about CAC's mission or donate/sponsor you can check out their website and Instagram!

There has been a lot going on at the studio space which is why the release of my pieces is happening now instead of towards the beginning of the month. As many of you know I am the Member Coordinator and Principal Curator at Fulton Street Collective. This month our show theme is The Color Red, which came together beautifully! Please follow FSC on Instagram to get all the insight on the monthly shows! The first week of February I was busy with drop-offs of the new pieces and then curating the show. The second week, the snow and ice got the better of our building and caused some flooding/leaking damage. Thankfully no one or their work was injured/damaged, which is always the best case scenario in events like this. But, I did end up spending a good portion of last week dealing with that and not working on the release. Better late than never though and I know you all understand that life happens! So thank you for your flexibility and patience!

As always though, I have created a playlist for this month and have been listening to it on repeat! I usually only have one oldie but goldie song in there but there are two this month AND an Alt-J remake of an oldie but goldie song so go check it out!



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