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Sunday Share

Happy Sunday! January feels like it is just whizzing by! I have been keeping myself busy creating art, with my new role at Fulton Street Collective, and with teaching. I've also been revamping my website! There are a lot of small works available in my shop right now that will be coming down tomorrow (1/25/21 @ 10PM CST) to make room for my larger work. I'm still finishing up a few pieces for that launch but I am aiming for an early/mid February release!

I can also ship these two little line beauties (they won't be in the shop launch). They are currently on display at Fulton Street Collective for the Shades of Black and White show. They are from early 2019 and the last of my linear pieces that I created. I adore them. "Big and Small, Lines with Curves, Repeating Down the Page" & "Beautifully Unbalanced" are 18"x24" and $195 each (+ shipping OR free pick up at the studio).

I have a fun new red piece that will be in Fulton Street Collective's The Color Red which opens February 12th. It will be posted soon, so check on my Instagram for more details closer to the opening. "Euphoria" will be on display from the 12th-28th. I tried a new background texture on this piece that is more smooth and fluid. I also added in some oil pastel and gave her a nice glossy finish. I don't often work in red (or mostly one color for that matter), but it was a nice experience and I enjoyed the challenge of pairing down my colors.

I have a few bigger things in the works right now - both physically and big for my business - so stay tuned for those! I can't wait to share with you all! In the mean time I will just be listening to my January playlist and Chris' new album and painting away in my studio. Speaking of Chris, we just had a photo shoot at the end of December with our dear friend Megan and I think we are pretty adorable in these pictures:



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