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Sunday Sunshine

Happy April! It's been at least a little bit sunny most of these last few days and I have been loving the sunshine amid quarantine. A few weeks ago, at the very beginning of social distancing and quarantine, I was missing all of that natural vitamin D, so I created a Spotify playlist with a variety of genre songs all about SUNSHINE and it has been fueling my studio time while putting a smile on my face.

A lot of what I had planned for the last few and the next few weeks has been cancelled, but not my move of studios. April 1st brought me a gorgeous new space with two windows, brick walls, and a STUNNING view of the Chicago skyline. I'm still at Fulton Street Collective, but you can find me in studio #9 now. It looks great as is, but believe I have some plans for this space and can't wait to go shopping and really do her up right! I am on the hunt for a used flat file for the space, if you have any leads send them my way!

This view!!!

I've been creating a lot since my teaching schedule has shifted so much with e-learning, no commute, and no social engagements. I have several new paintings in the works, I've been playing around with gouache, creating floral collages, and dreaming up all I want my new studio space to be. I've decided that my 100 Day Project this go around will be the floral collages so keep your eyes open for those! I also had the opportunity to create positive sidewalk chalk art outside of Twisted Spoke this week through Fulton Street's heART Support Program.

That's it for now but feel free to reach out if you have any questions or just want to connect! Happy quarantining and safe social distancing!



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