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Hello! I want to spend some time sharing some of the things I am thankful for and I encourage you to spend some time focusing on people, places, things, experiences you are thankful for. I would also like to encourage you to take some time to think about why you are thankful for those things and the fact that others may not have the same people, places, things, experiences as you. Brainstorm some ideas about how you could give back this season, whether it be financially or with your time.

Starting off with thankfulness:

-I am thankful for my family first and foremost. Even though we are and have been apart for the better part of this year. They are always a text, phone or video call away - and occasionally a good old fashioned snail mail will greet me in the mailbox (usually from my niece and nephew, and always when I need it most).

-I am thankful for Chris, who is my family but deserves his own shoutout. He is kind, takes good care of me, and always makes me laugh. We will be celebrating our 13th anniversary this upcoming weekend :)

-I am thankful for new routines that are building healthier habits. I (like most of us) have been forced into more time at home and I am making the best of it with morning meditation, a workout, some tea, inspirational words, journaling, etc.

-I am thankful for my studio and the additional time I have been able to spend there.

-I am thankful for my job and my students (they keep me on my toes and smiling).

-I am thankful for our cuddly and affectionate pets.

-I am thankful for Handlebar for making our Thanksgiving dinner.

Honestly, this list could keep going (and will later in my journal), but I want you to take a moment now and think about all of the things you are thankful for - go ahead! Right them down!

Now I want you to think of ways you could give back this season. I have been donating to the Special Olympics, shopping at small, local businesses, and sharing small businesses I love with my Instagram followers. I am also painting on a reusable coffee cup for the Pilsen Arts Community House Fundraiser and silent auction - it goes live December 11th! I plan on donating to Toys for Tots, Cruelty Free You and Me, and any other great causes you all share with me as well :) I realize how blessed I am and want to help where I can.


Now on to my normal artsy business.

Here is my Spotify Playlist for November. I say this every month, but I've got some GREAT songs on here!

Also, three exciting things coming up in December that I am involved in. First, Chicago Shakespeare Theatre has included me in their Holiday Artisan Market, an online pop-up shop featuring local Chicago artists (December 3rd-6th). Second, I am hosting a virtual ornament painting workshop on December 5th. You can sign up soon on Fulton Street Collective's events page, it is for Chicago area residents only for now as we will not be shipping kits, local pickup only. And third, I have curated Fulton Street Collective's Small Works Holiday Market which will be available to shop both online and in person (by appointment only) from December 6th-12th. All works will be no larger than 20 inches on their longest sides and less than $500!!! There are also a lot of great options in my shop, and if you are local and looking for a larger piece we can schedule a socially distant, masked studio visit. Artists and small businesses appreciate all of your support so thank you in advance for checking these out! (Plus, your Zoom calls could probably use a little background refresh, so why not get a nice new piece of art!)



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